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About Growmics

Plant researchers have long been overlooked and underserved. With climate change leading to decreased crop yields, more than 820 million people undernourished, and a growing global population, there has never been a greater need for plant research.
Our Company

Founded in 2021, Growmics seeks to provide plant researchers with the tools needed to conduct their essential work. Our products are purpose made for plant research, meaning every kit is ready to go out-the-box, no homebrewing or modifications needed. 

Chronic Malnourishment
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Wheat, rice, maize, and soybean make up two-thirds of human caloric intake. With more than 820 million people currently undernourished, further advances enhancing the nutritional value of these key staple crops is an essential step towards feeding the world. 

Decreasing Crop Yields
Image by Stephen Radford

Climate change poses an existential threat to the agriculture industry and global food supply. As temperatures increase, pest-insect populations rise and crop yield decreases. Genetic improvement upon the resilience of crops is a key step towards preserving the food supply and securing our future.

Growing Global Population
Image by The New York Public Library

With the global human population growing by 83 million a year, decreasing crop yields and chronic malnourishment will only be exasperated unless we invest in vital plant research. Growmics aims to enable and support plant researchers as they work to develop innovative solutions to these formidable challenges.

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