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Gro-Seq Plant ChIP Kit (48 rxns)

Product Overview

The Gro-Seq Plant ChIP Kit is a convenient package of tools that allows the experimenter to investigate protein-DNA interaction in vivo efficiently. The entire procedure can be completed within 6 hours and produces far superior results than any competitor kits. The Gro-Seq Plant ChIP Kit is suitable for combining the specificity of immunoprecipitation with qualitative and quantitative PCR, ChIP-Seq, and ChIP-on-chip. This kit has the following advantages:


  • The fastest procedure available, which can be finished within 6 hours.
  • Strip microwell format makes the assay flexible: manual or high throughput.
  • Columns for DNA purification are included: save time and reduce labor.
  • Compatible with all DNA amplification-based approaches.
  • Simple, reliable, and consistent assay conditions.

Gro-Seq Plant ChIP Kit (48 rxns)

  • View and download product user guide here.

    View and download product SDS here.

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